Friday, January 21, 2011

craigslist chair -- before and after

Long story, but I actually have two of these chairs.  I found one on eBay over the summer that was in Florida, and in pretty bad shape, but the price was low, so I bought it (I think altogether with shipping from Florida, it was something like $130 -- not cheapy cheap, but not horrible, either, for what I think is a pretty unique-looking chair).  About a week later, while I was waiting for it to arrive, I found the EXACT SAME chair on craigslist right here in Chicago, for about $60.  Totally cheap.  So I ended up buying the second one, too, which is the one you see here in the 'after' pictures.  The eBay chair (i.e. the first one that I bought) is the one pictured in the two 'before' images above.  It's in pretty rough shape: I had to get rid of the cushion altogether, as it was absolutely disgusting, and the paint job is nasty, too.  The chair that you see refinished here was actually brown when I bought it, and it, too, had a disgusting cushion that I told the seller I didn't even want, it was so gross.  I spray painted the chair with, no joke, about eight coats of off-white (it takes a long time to really get into all those little crevices in the back), and then about two coats of clear lacquer to make it all shiny.  Surprisingly, with the new seat cushion (which I got at Pier One and which fits almost perfectly, lucky me; I thought I was going to have to get something custom-made) and the thick IKEA sheepskin, the chair is really comfortable.   I usually have the chair turned so that it's facing the room (i.e. with the back facing the windows, as you see in the second, third, and fourth 'after' pictures), but this morning it was pretty backlit that way and so I turned it around and took a picture of the front -- what you see in the first 'after' image -- which is why you see the whole back of my living room behind it.

I still have the second chair in the basement, unfinished and looking pretty nasty.  I don't have anywhere to put it at the moment, but was thinking that someday these chairs could look kind of cool at either end of a dinner table?  Not sure if the seats are too low for that, though...

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