Sunday, January 30, 2011

dining room bookshelves

Here are some shots of the bookshelves in my dining room.  I wish I had a 'before' shot of what they looked like when I moved in, because they're a lot prettier now than they were then, if I do say so myself.  The previous owner of my place had three of these shelving units (which are just IKEA BILLY bookshelves, with doors on the lower half), and two built-in desks placed where shelf #2 and #4 are now.  Since I didn't really have any use for two built-in desks in my dining room, I just bought two more bookcases from IKEA and had my contractor line them all up and make a little header at the top so that they looked a little more built-in.  They're not the most awesome things in the world, but they serve their purpose. 

I chose the orange wallpaper because I wanted a warmish color in the room (I previously had it painted robin's egg blue, but that was way too cool of a color for the dining room), but then the room, which is dark anyway, was looking TOO orangey, so I painted the backs of the shelves that same blueish-green color, which is just the perfect contrast to the orange, I think.  I also replaced the cheap ugly silver-tone IKEA hardware with some new (also cheap, but cooler looking) octagonal brass knobs that I found for next to nothing on eBay.  They sort of echo the design of the wallpaper, and the whole thing has kind of a modern chinoiserie vibe to it.  The Japanese print in image #2 is from an old book of Japanese prints, framed and given to me as a Christmas gift.

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