Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New front entryway -- and poop on the Kevin haters

Since I've been mocked by a few haters about my one-picture-of-Kevin-a-day idea (screw you if you can't understand how awesome Kev is, by the way), I thought I might post some other images here of my apartment/condo/home/whatever you want to call it.  These photos are of my latest project, which was a kind of IKEA hack; the chest is from the Edland series, which is normally dark grey with white drawer pulls.  I spray painted the chest a matte off-white and ordered these cool brass pulls from eBay.  The foo dog lamps are from eBay, too, and I covered the lampshades with Japanese paper from Paper Source.  The big photo is my dad and his twin brother when they were little, and the tortoise shell votive holder is from Pier One.  I REALLY love the way the whole thing turned out.  Since I took these pictures, I got a piece of glass cut for the top because I didn't want to chip the paint job.

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