Monday, February 28, 2011

small update: new china cabinet knobs

I'm still in love with my new china cabinet, but the knobs left a little to be desired.  I found a pair that I liked through Chinese brass hardware (an eBay shop based in California) and they arrived a few days ago.

Here's the  cabinet door before:

And now here it is with the new knobs -- even more awesome!


...after a long weekend of eating, parties, and Oscars-watching

new lamp: before and after

I went looking for a lamp at the Howard Brown resale shop near my house, which often has some good finds, though admittedly their pricing is pretty random.  This was priced at $25, which to me seems like a lot for a thrift store lamp, but it was "on sale" for $15, so I figured that was reasonable.  They were, however, selling a pair of bamboo chairs that were in need of quite of bit of TLC, for $150 EACH.  Kind of ridiculous, right?  Anyway, I liked the shape of the lamp, but wasn't super hot on the orange and brown color scheme (I like orange, but it was looking a little too Three's Company for my taste)...

I had also found this pretty red and pink "oriental"/greek key ribbon on Etsy and bought two yards of it, hoping I could use it for something...

...and when I went to A-Lampshade here in Chicago to get a shade, I spotted this sweet finial.

And so my project began.  Just a little fabric glue,

and the shade is super cute.

I spray painted the lamp blue (it's a little more baby blue than it appears in the photo, which I admit isn't my favorite color, but the hardware store spray paint selection isn't that awesome, and they offer either this blue, royal or navy), and the base gold -- I really like that color combination. 

Kevin approves!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

making love

Kevin does this weird thing with his pillow, and also some of his toys, where he plunges his face into the stuffing, and breathes into the pillow, while padding it with his feet.  One of my friends called it "self soothing;" I call it making love.  Here he is, caught in the act.  The whole ritual is both strange and adorable to watch.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

victim #2

the killing spree continues

(note tuft of stuffing hanging out of mouth)

new chairs: before and after

Remember those $30 craigslist chairs I bought recently?  My kimono silk arrived a few days ago, and I bought a yard of pretty gold/chartreuse velvet from Fishmans Fabric in Chicago for the seats.  Here's the finished product, which I think is a big improvement.  They're definitely not perfect, and I made a few mistakes while recovering the back cushions, but I think they look pretty good, considering this was my first try at reupholstering anything...

Please excuse (as always) all the crap in the background.  I was in major cleaning mode when I was redoing the chairs and my apartment was a huge mess.

As usual, the photo quality is crap.  But you get the idea.

Seat cushions, before and after. 

I moved the chair into the living room, where it's brighter, for this close up of the back.  Can you see the subtle geometric pattern in the silk? 

One last full-on shot.  Look at those cute little pointy legs.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

filthy and clean

Guess who got a haircut and bath today!



So much better.

Monday, February 21, 2011

new china cabinet: before and after

I couldn't be more excited about this new 1950s china cabinet I just got on craigslist for under $300.  It's in fantastic condition and the folks I bought it from -- who were moving their father out of the house in which he had lived for 62 years -- were nice enough to deliver it for me.  I had been looking for a china cabinet for a while, and I LOVE the little '50s era faux-Asian details on the doors and knobs.  Above is a photo of the cabinet when it was still in its previous home...

... and here it is in my dining room.  I ordered new knobs for it (just for the doors, not for the drawers), which are on their way, but I think it already looks right at home.  Sorry for the total shite quality of the pictures; they were taken with the garbage camera on my phone. 

(excuse the crapola all over my dining room table)

I thought I might spice up the inside a little by covering the backs of the cabinets with a fun paper, and I had recently bought a roll of this really pretty Japanese-ish paper from World Market for $2.99, so I went back and bought a few extra rolls, and covered the back of each cabinet:

I think it looks a lot more fun this way.

Good Lord, I love the little detail on the doors.

And the knobs!!!  So f---ing cool. 

Almost forgot the super cool Greek key feet.  Bitchin!

cold blooded killer

It's like when Kevin Spacey cuts off Gwyneth Paltrow's head in "Seven." 

Saturday, February 19, 2011


He either wants food, a walk, or someone to play with him

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Chairs: Before

I just scored these two awesome chairs on craigslist for $30 each.  I have big plans for them, which include this fabric:

Vintage kimono silk that I got on etsy for $10/yard.  Hoping I don't f--k this project up.

hat time

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

quack, quack

Kev got this new duck toy for Valentines and I caught him using it as a pillow this morning

Thursday, February 10, 2011

toothless joe

Poor Kev had to get not one, but TWO teeth pulled at the vet yesterday, after it was revealed that they were cracked.  Here he is after coming home -- had to put him up on the couch and force him to stay there, as he kept falling asleep while sitting up and he nearly fell over and hit his head on the floor.  Back to normal today, though!