Saturday, February 26, 2011

new chairs: before and after

Remember those $30 craigslist chairs I bought recently?  My kimono silk arrived a few days ago, and I bought a yard of pretty gold/chartreuse velvet from Fishmans Fabric in Chicago for the seats.  Here's the finished product, which I think is a big improvement.  They're definitely not perfect, and I made a few mistakes while recovering the back cushions, but I think they look pretty good, considering this was my first try at reupholstering anything...

Please excuse (as always) all the crap in the background.  I was in major cleaning mode when I was redoing the chairs and my apartment was a huge mess.

As usual, the photo quality is crap.  But you get the idea.

Seat cushions, before and after. 

I moved the chair into the living room, where it's brighter, for this close up of the back.  Can you see the subtle geometric pattern in the silk? 

One last full-on shot.  Look at those cute little pointy legs.

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