Monday, February 21, 2011

new china cabinet: before and after

I couldn't be more excited about this new 1950s china cabinet I just got on craigslist for under $300.  It's in fantastic condition and the folks I bought it from -- who were moving their father out of the house in which he had lived for 62 years -- were nice enough to deliver it for me.  I had been looking for a china cabinet for a while, and I LOVE the little '50s era faux-Asian details on the doors and knobs.  Above is a photo of the cabinet when it was still in its previous home...

... and here it is in my dining room.  I ordered new knobs for it (just for the doors, not for the drawers), which are on their way, but I think it already looks right at home.  Sorry for the total shite quality of the pictures; they were taken with the garbage camera on my phone. 

(excuse the crapola all over my dining room table)

I thought I might spice up the inside a little by covering the backs of the cabinets with a fun paper, and I had recently bought a roll of this really pretty Japanese-ish paper from World Market for $2.99, so I went back and bought a few extra rolls, and covered the back of each cabinet:

I think it looks a lot more fun this way.

Good Lord, I love the little detail on the doors.

And the knobs!!!  So f---ing cool. 

Almost forgot the super cool Greek key feet.  Bitchin!

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