Monday, February 28, 2011

new lamp: before and after

I went looking for a lamp at the Howard Brown resale shop near my house, which often has some good finds, though admittedly their pricing is pretty random.  This was priced at $25, which to me seems like a lot for a thrift store lamp, but it was "on sale" for $15, so I figured that was reasonable.  They were, however, selling a pair of bamboo chairs that were in need of quite of bit of TLC, for $150 EACH.  Kind of ridiculous, right?  Anyway, I liked the shape of the lamp, but wasn't super hot on the orange and brown color scheme (I like orange, but it was looking a little too Three's Company for my taste)...

I had also found this pretty red and pink "oriental"/greek key ribbon on Etsy and bought two yards of it, hoping I could use it for something...

...and when I went to A-Lampshade here in Chicago to get a shade, I spotted this sweet finial.

And so my project began.  Just a little fabric glue,

and the shade is super cute.

I spray painted the lamp blue (it's a little more baby blue than it appears in the photo, which I admit isn't my favorite color, but the hardware store spray paint selection isn't that awesome, and they offer either this blue, royal or navy), and the base gold -- I really like that color combination. 

Kevin approves!

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