Friday, February 4, 2011

pretty + lottie and doof

Happy Friday!  Here's a pic of the other side of my living room credenza -- I posted photos of this piece a few weeks ago.  Love those orange flowers!

Also: I know the readership of this blog is limited to my mom, but if anyone else ever stumbles across this post, I encourage you to go and check out my friend Tim's blog -- which is a real-life, professional, and gorgeous bloggy blog --  lottie + doof.  He partnered with Floriole, a fantastic restaurant/bakery here in Chicago, and had a dinner last night and the night before, and the food was divine.  Above is the (also gorgeous) menu put together for the event (I love that perforated paper!); clearly, attention was paid to every detail.  I had a blast, and Tim was a FANTASTIC host.  Yum!

(And sorry the picture of the menu is so crummy -- the camera on my phone isn't the greatest)

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