Sunday, July 17, 2011

New chairs (finally!) and re-arranged living room

Finally, FINALLY my new chairs arrived last week.  I have to unfortunately report that the upholsterer with whom I was working, and who I thought was really great, turned out to be very disappointing, and there are STILL multiple issues with the workmanship on the chairs.  But I'm trying to deal with it for now.  Today I noticed that one of the seams along the arm is already coming apart, which is totally inexcusable and which made my blood pressure rise markedly when I first noticed it, but I'm trying to stay calm and will get the whole thing figured out, all in good time.  At any rate, the chairs are passable for the time being, and they look decent from a distance.  I thought the whole project would take a week or two, way back in April, and it ended up taking many months.  I guess that's the way things go when it comes to getting furniture reupholstered.  First world problems.

Anyhoo, I recently had some of my book club friends over to my house for a get-together/barbecue, and decided to re-arrange the furniture in my living room so that it could accommodate more people.  I ended up really liking the changes and I think I'll keep it this way for now. 

First off, here's the new set up, from two angles.  I apologize, as I always do, for the shit quality of the photos, which were taken by my increasingly aging camera.  Also, my hands were shaking this morning because I *suspect* that the "decaf" espresso I had at breakfast was indeed caffeinated.  

Looking into the living room from my entry way, with an old tired Kevin in the middle.

 ...and from another angle.  The light in this picture is more true to the actual light in the room.  Look at those pretty roses on the table (the table which I got for $40 on craigslist, might I add)...

I don't think I've ever put a picture of my little gallery wall up here, either, so here's a better photo of it (though looking at this photo again, I guess I cut off some of the right side of the wall.  Oh, well).  I'm thinking of changing out some of the pictures and/or adding to it, but that's the subject of a later post:

Okay, here's another shot.  That's better.

 I also got this cool bobbin-leg table from Nadeau furniture and hastily painted it black hours before the barbecue a few days ago (it was natural wood when I bought it), since I needed something in the corner.  I think it looks pretty sweet.  

Finally, here are some shots of the chairs (this is what they looked like when I bought them for $50 on craigslist a few months ago).  Again, you can probably see even from these photos where the upholsterer screwed up/did a shitty job.  Okay, I can feel my heart starting to race in sheer fury when I think about the headache that these chairs have caused me, so I'll just leave things at this and show the (crappily) finished product.  Sorry again for the blurriness in the last image:

 Kevin seems to be at peace with them, at the very least.  

I am currently exchanging angry yet civil e-mails with the upholsterer, since the seat cushions of these chairs need to be redone, and one of the seams needs to be fixed, too.  Again, I know: first world problems.  Sigh.  All complaining aside, though, I like how everything has finally come together, and all the patterns/colors make me really happy, and also confirm my theory that you can match pretty much anything with anything else (not sure how I developed that theory, but it seems to be working for me). 

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