Saturday, August 20, 2011

coffee table delight

I had some people over to my place for a dinner party a few weeks back and put out a little bar/spread on my coffee table for them to nosh on while I quietly suffered a panic attack in the kitchen.  I thought it looked pretty nice (which you may be able to see here, despite the blurry photos):

The dining room table also looked good, all set up, though these pictures really don't do it justice:

another old one

I know I haven't been posting here lately; August has been a crazy month.  Here's another old one that I don't think I've put on this blog yet.  Meditating Kevin:

Monday, August 8, 2011

oldies but goodies

These are old photos of Kevin, from right after I brought him home in late 2009, but I stumbled across them the other day and realized they had never been posted here.  You can see how his little nose is pink in these photos, still, from rubbing it on the cage at animal control, after being picked up on the mean streets of Chicago.  He's come a long way since then.  Funny, how I don't think he's changed much, but looking at these, I can see that he looks a bit older now (and a bit fatter, too!).  Still just as cute, though.

Monday, August 1, 2011

he's back

I've had quite a few trips to make this summer, which means Mr. Curly Cue has been at my mom's more than usual.  I went to pick him up yesterday after he was staying out in the suburbs for a week.  He's VERY happy to be home, and reunited with his toys...