Saturday, January 21, 2012

new kilim rug

I waited so long for that gorgeous offset black and white striped rug to get re-stocked at IKEA, finally bought it, and now, about half a year or so later, I've replaced it.  It was too hard to keep the white parts clean and nothing, NOTHING looks shittier than a dingy rug, in my opinion.  This past December I had been scouring eBay for a nice, bright kilim rug and found this beauty from Turkey for a pretty good price.  I really like how it seems to pull the room together and I can already tell that it's going to withstand Kevin's dirty paws (especially in the winter) a lot better than the other one.  Some photos:

Loving all the color in my place right now!  Makes me happy on these grey winter days.

Friday, January 20, 2012

new coat

Someone just got a new coat, and right in time for our latest cold snap!

What a handsome little lumberjack.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

meg's shower

Some friends and I recently threw a (surprise!) baby shower for our friend Meg and I was super excited to host it at my place, as it gave me an excuse to buy a vintage punch bowl on eBay and make tissue paper pom poms (yes, these projects are super fun for me).  I took some photos as I was getting the dining room ready; they didn't come out perfectly, but maybe you get some idea of how it all looked.  Most importantly, Meg was surprised and we had a blast!

Here's the table as I was getting ready.  Good God, I love that punch bowl.
I made those pom poms and hanging them was a bitch.

I painted this mirror blue and added little birds and butterflies to it.  I kind of love them. 

tweet, tweet!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

bathroom project

I don't think I ever posted any photos here of my bathroom, and it looks very different from when I first bought my condo two years ago.   First, here's a picture of what it looked like when I moved in:

 Pretty blah.  The wainscoting was ugly and the little mirror was just awful.  I had the bathroom renovated right after I bought my condo: the wainscoting was ripped out and replaced with subway tile, I had a new sink, toilet, floor tile and glass shower door installed.  Here's how it's looking these days -- a big improvement!

 I'm especially proud of the orange shelf in the picture above.  I bought it on eBay and gave it a nice coat of orange paint, then another of lacquer gloss.  Here it is before:

And here it is, after!

pretty flowers

Nothing makes me happier than some pretty bright roses!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

new lamps

I thought my old lamps were looking tired (I bought them at Midcentury Modern for something crazy like $10 a year or so ago and then covered the lampshades, but they were still kind of janky), and  so the other day when I happened to find these lamps at Home Goods on clearance because one of the lampshades was damaged, I snatched them up.  They had a weird mottled finish that looked like crap, too, but the shape was so cool that I thought they might be good candidates for a little spray paint and TLC!  Here are the lamps and shades before:

And here they are, finished!  I spray painted the lamps and covered the shades with fabric I cut out of a duvet cover I found on sale at Urban Outfitters.  I think they look lots better now!  The first pictures below were taken last night; the bottom two I took this morning. 

Three way bulbs!  

I was surprised to notice a few drips in the paint job -- that never happens to me when I spray paint, but I suspect it was because I was lazy and didn't sand and/or prime the finish before I painted the lamps.  Oh, well.  I was tired last night and didn't have the energy to go back and start over again.  Hopefully no one will notice.  The lampshade with the blue and yellow flowers is also still kind of weird and jacked up because of the dent (which is much less noticeable now, but still there), so at some point in the future I'll probably order a new plain white shade and recover it with my leftover fabric.  But all in all, a satisfying project!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ch ch ch changes

I've been making a lot of changes to my living room lately and am just getting around to posting them here.  Today I picked up the new cushions I recently had made for my white living room chairs, and I'm quite pleased.  For a while I was using some crappy old cushions that I had picked up at Pier One, and which were supposed to be temporary but ended up hanging around for a year or so.  I'm really loving the way these cushions turned out and the orchid color is super pretty.  Here are the cushions before, looking totally sad and sloppy and lumpy and saggy and the wrong size:

So ugly.  Now here are the new cushions!

Squeal!  They look so good.  And yes, that is a new rug you spy, and yes, I have added some pictures to my gallery wall.  I'll post more on that later.  As for the rug...still deciding if I want to keep it in the living room or move it over to the dining room.  We'll see.  So fun!