Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new leopard rug

I recently posted about the new kilim rug that I had found on eBay a few months ago and was using in my living room to replace the black and white striped rug from IKEA that I sold on craigslist (yes, I realize I may have a rug buying problem).  Well, as beautiful as the kilim was, it really wasn't working in the room, and may in fact have been TOO colorful, and a little schizophrenic-looking (which, if you know me, is super duper colorful, since I've never been afraid of using color, ever).  I recently saw a post on the blog Design Crisis about a leopard rug that Erin, one of the blog's authors, purchased on overstock.com, and got really excited.  I had been looking for an animal print rug for the living room for a while, but only found ones that were 1) garish and hideous, or 2) wildly expensive.  But this one was super affordable (under $300) and just neutral enough to fit the bill.  I got it the other day and absolutely LOVE IT.  It brings down the crazy factor in the living room and looks super refined, in my opinion.  Plus, it's really soft and plush, so it makes a big difference underfoot; the kilim was of course quite thin and didn't offer much cushioning.

And so, without further ado: feast your eyes on the new rug!

Ooooo, it looks so good!!!!   The kilim, if any of my two readers out there cares, is now in the dining room and looks FANTASTIC in there.  The room needed more color and the kilim is perfect for that.  Plus, I had two flokati in the dining room before and that's just a mistake...they trap every little thing in those long furry fibers, and so having them under a dining room table is just kind of gross.  There was so much nasty food and other stuff in there -- the flat woven rug will be a dream to vacuum.  I will post pictures of it in its new room soon.

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