Monday, June 4, 2012

new living room

 I hosted a brunch for my mom at my place this past weekend and decided to spruce up my place a bit for all the guests.  So, along with repainting my pink dresser blue (more details in post below), I rearranged my furniture, re-covered the lampshades on the blue dresser, and bought the white bench you see in the photo below.  I think the room looks a bit less cluttered now - I tried to edit the number of tchotchkes in the room, though there are admittedly still quite a few - and overall, I'm totally thrilled with how it turned out.  Here are a few shots:

First, from the sun room:

Liking those big white pillows on the couch, and the gallery wall is looking sweet, too. 
Slightly fewer knickknacks on the coffee table. 

New lamp next to the yellow chairs is awesome: lucite and brass; ebay find (close up below).

These lampshades were originally white, and then I covered them with a blue-green fabric. Got a few yards of this orange fabric from Joann fabrics (total was about $20; so cheap) and they're looking incredible now. 

Last, I got this idea to spray paint mason jars gold (actually, metallic brass) from an engagement party I saw on Design Sponge, and I think they just look so super cool.  I made a few floral arrangements for mom's brunch and they looked so pretty and fun.


  1. Nice work, A! I can't wait to see the results in person someday... perhaps December. Looks great!

  2. I've started pinning some of these beautiful shots. Hope that's ok. I don't have a ton of followers or anything, so I wouldn't expect Maxwell Ryan to be calling you anytime soon. But nevertheless, I'm spreading the love!

    1. Sure, no problem, Priya! Just saw Kelly and Ginger and they told me all about you! Maybe we'll get to meet some day! Can you tell me where to find the shots on Pinterest? Happy New Year!