Monday, June 4, 2012

small project: new lampshades

I haven't really changed many of the light fixtures in my place since I moved in (with the exception of my dining room chandelier), and just last week I was looking at the hanging pendant lights in my sun room and thinking to myself, 'it's really time for a change.'  The shades in their original condition were fine, I guess, but I didn't like the little swirly design on them (would have preferred them if they were plain) and they were just kind of blah, I guess.  So I got the idea to cover them with some nice paper from Paper Source (my favorite place!) and I'm loving the result.  They really look so cool and kind of mid century-esque now.  

Here they are before (so boring!):

And here they are now!  Way more fun and cool!

All in all, a satisfying project!

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