Friday, September 28, 2012

kitchen time

I'm about to go out of town for the weekend, but wanted to quickly post some pics of my kitchen in my current condo before I leave.  I actually really like my kitchen a lot, and it was one of the reasons I bought my place: the previous owners had rehabbed it, and very tastefully, too; I love the cork floors and the marble backsplash.  I think it's an IKEA kitchen, and just for the record, I think IKEA does really great kitchens that are quite durable.  I know IKEA gets a bad rep sometimes for having items of sub-par quality, but I'm still an IKEA fan at heart, even though I wouldn't necessarily furnish my entire home with their stuff.   Here are a couple pictures (again, weirdly distorted; my apologies!):

Pretty cute, right?  The kitchen is a really nice size for a condo kitchen in Chicago.  I've made many a nice meal in here!  

The kitchen in my new place will hopefully look very much the same as this one once I'm done with it; it currently has some pretty lame-o cherry cabinets and black granite countertops; I plan to keep the countertops but paint the cabinets out white and add some brushed brass cabinet pulls (from overstock; photo below).  In my dream world I would also add a subway tile backsplash, but alas, I am going to be broke as a joke when I move into my place, and so that may have to wait for later.  I'll post pictures of the kitchen in the new place soon.  Gotta go pack!

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