Monday, October 8, 2012

cheapie craigslist coffee table + thoughts on kitchen cabinets

I mentioned the super cute coffee table I scored recently on craigslist for a cool $30, and finally got around to taking some pictures of it.  It's in excellent condition and I'm loving the marble top - so pretty!      I'm pretty sure I'm going to put it in my basement, which will hopefully be super cozy.  


Isn't it cool?  Just the right amount of vintage.

I'm also considering what to do about the ugly kitchen cabinets in my new house.  They are cherry and ugly and I want white cabinetry.  At first I thought about just painting the whole kitchen, but after getting some advice from the very friendly Danika Herrick of Gorgeous Shiny Things, I'm reconsidering the idea.  She did a wonderful job with her kitchen re-painting, but it does sound like a tremendous amount of work, which I might not be game for after painting pretty much every other surface in the house.   Plus, I'm a little worried about the cabinets chipping over time.  So I'm thinking about maybe just painting out the cabinet framework itself but then buying new doors.  I have IKEA cabinets in my kitchen right now, and I like them a lot.  Even though it might be kind of lame, I'm thinking about maybe getting the exact same cabinets that I have now, namely, the Lidingö cabinets:

They seem to range in price, depending on size, from between $30 and $60.  I need to get into the house to measure the cabinets, but taking $45 as an average price per cabinet door, I might be looking at dropping something like $1000 on doors.  Ouch.  I'm also not sure if IKEA has the right sized drawer fronts to replace the ones in there now.   I wonder if it will be worth it when I consider the time I'll need to invest to paint everything?  

I also just saw on the Home Depot website that something called cabinet refacing is available.  I'm trying to figure out what exactly it entails, and how much it will cost - but it might be something else to investigate.  

UPDATE: Just called Home Depot and it sounds like cabinet refacing is pretty pricey.  But the lady I spoke with there mentioned a product from Rustoleum that seems like a DIY cabinet refacing kit; the reviews online are mixed, but I've found more positive than negative ones.  Might consider going this route, since I'm worried that just regular paint will chip over time or get weird when I try to clean them, plus, I was dreading having to sand and prime all the cabinets if I just painted them on my own - this kit claims that I won't have to do that.  It sounds like the Rustoleum product is pretty durable and chip resistant, albeit time consuming, but I guess if I just want to spend a few hundred bucks, DIY is the route to go. An unlimited budget would be pretty nice...

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  1. There is something so sleek and calming about white cabinetry. I'm not clean enough to keep them white, though. And I'm always cooking curry. White cabinets for me would turn dingy in three seconds. ::sigh::

    That table is unique! Can't wait to see it in the basement.