Monday, November 5, 2012

sneakie peekie update

Here's the same shot as my last post, but now with the walls painted the most beautiful shade of Tiffany blue.  I've always wanted a room this color - I think it's so pretty - and my mom and I spent all weekend painting the first floor and the master bedroom.  Right now I'll leave you with just this photo, since the place is still more or less a mess and not photo-ready:

Yes, that is a fire going in the fireplace.  It's super duper cozy in here.

Just bought these awesome brass lamps on eBay for the bedroom.  I think it's going to look preeeeeety nice in there, too.  

Much more in the works!

Friday, November 2, 2012

sneakie peekie

Well, I've moved in and am unpacking my fingers to the bone!  Trying to decide on lots of fun stuff like paint colors and new light fixtures (and also trying not to spend too much dough, blah).  Here's a sneak peek of the new fireplace with a little paint swatch on the side - thinking of painting my living and dining room this pretty light blue!

More to come!