Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

I hosted Christmas Eve at my house for the family last night and, while I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to take pictures of everything set up, I did want to get some photos of everything still looking kind of Christmas-y this morning.  And yes, I did finally sign up for instagram, so I've been a little out of control with it lately.   Not much time to add tons of commentary here today, but just wanted to post some pictures from around the house!   

Those enormous nutcrackers were a hideous green/burgundy when I bought them and I spray painted them white lacquer - will post before/after pics later.  

I DIY'ed that table runner for crazy cheap!  Just a big long piece of gray felt...

...cut with a little chevron at the end.  And look who's there in the foreground?  Mr. You-Know-Who with a Christmas bow on his neck! 

Same shot, this time through instagram filter. 

Cute deer with Christmas holly

Sorry for the dark shot - window is backlighting the whole thing.

My first (fake) tree! 

Christmas bar!  I painted that deer head above (will post before and after of that as well, later on) - a big improvement over the bar I had there before.  More on this change soon!).  

Pretty Christmas coffee table!

A very tired Kevin after all the Christmas celebrating!!!!!

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  1. Your home is lovely. I especially like the giant nutcrackers and the simple felt runner. Merry Christmas!