Wednesday, January 30, 2013

guest bedroom: before and after

Woke up this morning and decided it was time to post some pictures of some other rooms in my house that aren't on the main level.  So since it was more or less neat and photo-ready, I thought it might be a nice idea to show some pictures of my guest bedroom, which came together in one inspired night at about 2 a.m., and was most definitely done on the cheap, with lots of vintage finds and sale furniture.  First, here's a photo of the space before:

Yes, this was taken before I moved in - the previous residents used it as a kids' play room.  As you can see, the room is dormer-style, with sloping walls, which, while annoying for some, has always just been cozy in my book.  In my ideal world, I would have wallpapered the entire room (walls + ceiling), but since I had zero money by the time I got to this room, I decided to just paint the entire thing (actually, my mom and I painted it together, with my mom doing most of the dirty work of painting the ceiling and slanted walls).  I wanted the space to feel super snug, even lodge-y (I moved in during the late Fall/early Winter season, so I was into plaids and flannels and fur and the like), and I also wanted the color to read as serene.  I picked this green-grey color (Behr's celtic gray), which I sometimes like, and sometimes don't like, but which is neutral enough to work with lots of different colors.

Here are some first photos of the space before I break things down!

There's only a single window in the room, and even though I wasn't too crazy about covering most of it up with a headboard, there really wasn't much choice in terms of bed placement.  I wanted to use the Lillesand bed frame from IKEA for a lighter feel, but it was out of stock and I didn't feel like waiting around for it to show up again.  One night I was up late looking at, and found this charcoal grey pinstriped upholstered headboard for $149, which was a steal I couldn't very well pass up.  Even though it's a heavier look, I like how it's kind of masculine, but can still be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the bedding.  

Speaking of bedding, the plaid and ticking stripe pillows, along with the duvet cover, are all from Target; the red Staffordshire dog throw pillows are from West Elm, and the yellow wool blanket at the foot of the bed is an old hand me down from my paternal grandmother.  The tufted white leather bench is from Home Goods.

I got really lucky one night right before Christmas; apparently these side tables were part of some holiday collection, and were on sale for $39 each in the store.  I had stopped (again, late night - do we see a pattern developing here?) at Target for a few groceries and ended up walking out with two of these.  I like how they have a slightly tapered leg and glass top + shelf.  They were really a great buy.

The lamps are vintage (etsy) and the I covered the shades myself with fabric from Joann.  The print behind the lamp is huge, and one of my first purchased for my old condo - from Alicia Bock Photography.  It was actually kind of difficult to hang anything on these little walls, so I just ended up hanging things low and also propped a mirror against a wall. 

 The rug is from eBay (straight from Turkey!) and the colors are just gorgeous.  These pictures don't do it justice.

The bamboo campaign-style desk was a craigslist score ($25!), as was the chair (I actually have a set of six; but the other five are in storage right now).  Sheepskin is from IKEA; mother of pearl lamp is a few years old, but pretty sure I got it at World Market.  Chinoiserie mirror was also a craigslist find a couple of years ago.

The room isn't all that large, but it really does have a nice cozy feel;  I've already had a few people stay in it, and I think they were happy (Kelly B.; I'm looking at you!).  Maybe if I come into a small fortune I can finally fulfill my dream of having the entire thing wallpapered, but for now, I'm happy with how it turned out.  

Thanks for looking!


  1. Why are you so freaking brilliant! I am so jealous that you live far away. I want you to consult on the townhome my partner and I are doing.

  2. LOVED this room. Cozy, indeed.