Thursday, February 28, 2013

pretty fabrics for not too much dough

I have zero affiliation with, but I must say I appreciate their enormous selection and fantastic prices.  Not only that, they let you return orders of cut fabric, which is terrific, considering you're not always sure when you see an image online if you're necessarily going to like the fabric's scale or color in person.  I was on their site today and stumbled across tons of designs that I think would be great to use on some throw pillows, or to cover some lampshades or seat cushions.  Here's a small selection; many of these fabrics come in colorways other than the ones I'm showing here:

P Kaufmann Scenic Toile Twill Rouge; $17.98/yard (thinking of making some pillows out of this one)

They also carry tons of ikat prints!

Waverly Sun N Shade Quilted Rise and Shine Pool; $12.98/yard (I actually have some outdoor cushions made from this fabric; they have lavender piping and are very cute)

UPDATE: I was up late into the night looking at some of the great fabric choices from Hawthorne Threads, too.  They're giving a run for their money.  I'll post some pics soon of some of my favorites from that site.  In the meantime, take a look at these pictures I took this morning of the seat cushions I mentioned above, done up in that Waverly Sun N Shade blue fabric, along with that cute lavender piping.  I used to have these chairs/cushions outside but have moved them indoors for the winter, and they might stay here, since they're not outdoor chairs and were getting ruined by the elements.

Methinks I have some fabric shopping to do!!!!


  1. I shop endlessly on I'm getting a package from them tomorrow and I'm so excited! I love that they always show a ruler for scale and give a description of the colors in the fabric. You can also order an 8" swatch of the home decor fabric for $1.75 plus shipping. I have an embarrassingly large piles of swatches!

    1. Ooooo, how fun! What are you using the fabric for? Are you recovering your dining room chairs?!

    2. I'm making a faux roman blind and updating the fabric in my memo board both in the kitchen. I'm still stumped on the dining room chairs. I found a replacement set on Craig's List but they aren't responding to my email. I blogged all about it tonight!