Sunday, February 10, 2013

sunday brunch + painted coral DIY + I bought a giant zebra

I had a brunch at my house today for some of my friends, and used the opportunity to showcase two of my latest acquisitions: a big ass fake zebra I bought at Home Goods (help me; I have a problem) and an awesome - if I do say so myself - DIY painted piece of coral.   First, some photos of my credenza was empty up there ever since Christmas and now it looks so much better.  Apologies in advance that the pictures are so dark; it's evening here now and my camera is terrible.  I can try to update later with photos taken in daylight.

So...that ridiculous zebra.  I was at HomeGoods and saw it and thought it was fun and quirky, so I just put it in my cart.  You know, just to walk around the store with it a little bit, but not really to BUY it or anything.  And then the longer I spent with the little guy in my cart, the more I liked him, and started thinking of places he could go in my house.  And then I was suddenly at the check out counter and was paying $50 (yes!  $50 for a zebra!) for him.  And then I was back at home and it all seemed like a dream...only it wasn't.  Because I had a big ass zebra.

But whatever.  My REAL excitement is about that big pink blobby thing in the middle of all the photos.  I've really been wanting a big piece of coral (I have other small pieces around my house, but none that are very large), but the big ones are usually pretty pricey.  So I decided to try the DIY route.  I figured, where else does one use coral, other than in home decorating?  That's right!  In an aquarium!  So I hopped onto eBay and found someone selling large pieces of (faux) coral for aquariums, and decided that I would buy one, and then paint it and mount it.   Here's what it looked like a few days ago, when it came in the mail:

Blech.  That green makes me want to puke.  

I wanted to paint the coral pink, so at first I just spray painted the whole thing pink.  But it looked way too flat, so then I spray painted the tips with just a little white.  That was better, but it REALLY looked great when I added a little red, too, for color variation.  I wished I had taken photos of the process, but I was doing the painting in my (unheated) garage, so I was working as quickly as possible.  

Some nice guy working at Lowe's hooked me up with a block of wood for free, so I just painted it black lacquer and then nailed the coral onto the block after it was dry.  So happy with the end result!

These pictures are a little dark, but I think you can still see the MASSIVE improvement.

UPDATE: Here are two better photos, taken in the daylight.

Last but not least, look at this pretty lily!  It's soooo bright and vibrant in person!  

Brunching is fun!

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