Friday, March 1, 2013

more sweet fabrics for little coin

Did I speak too soon in my post yesterday?  I may have.  I gave so much praise to and then ended up stumbling across Hawthorne Threads.  I spent many an hour last night - when I should have been sleeping - searching their extensive collection of pretty prints that I hadn't seen elsewhere.   Here's a small sampling of some of their fun fabrics.  Again, many of these come in colorways other than the ones I'm copying here:

First off, I had never heard of Alexander Henry fabrics before, but I loooooove the items in his new collection, which apparently is arriving in late March 2013.  If you're a fan of this Scalamandre zebra wallpaper and fabric...

... but can't afford it because, like me, you're not massively wealthy, then Alexander Henry's new Africa collection is a pretty good facsimile:

I am developing a newfound love of zebras and really want to use one of these fabrics in my house.  At first I was worried it would be overkill, but then I thought, who cares?  Either that hot pink or that chartreuse zebra head fabric MUST be used somewhere.  It is too awesome.

Generally I'm not a huge fan of Amy Butler, but I think she really hit it out of the park with her latest  Alchemy Collections.  Even better, these seem to run around $14/yard, so definitely within a budget.  The other colorways are awesome, too, but this is just a little taste:

A few others that struck my fancy:

Domestic Cat in Aqua - no price yet; arriving early April 2013

Matilda in Brandy - $6.99/yard

Pretty pretty!


  1. Yea for a new source for fabric! I can't wait to check it out.

  2. I'm coming around to the zebras... I can see some great throw pillows with those fabrics! You killed it with that dining room table, though I am questioning where you store your menagerie of ceramic animals when they aren't in use... Love the new blog layout, by the way...