Tuesday, August 6, 2013

before and after: updated home office

The home office is neeeeearly done; just waiting on a floor lamp to be delivered and we'll be all set.  But I got impatient today, and, since it's overcast outside, decided it was a good time to take pictures of the room, since it gets backlit when it's sunny out and is consequently difficult to photograph.  When I bought the house, this room was being used as a child's bedroom:

And now here are some shots of the space!

(...and another one of those dorky panoramic shots with my iPhone)

So, what I'm waiting on is this Michael Graves lamp to be delivered from JCPenney, of all places, which will go next to the loveseat, in place of that brass lamp that's there now:

By the way, have you looked at JC Penney's furniture and home decor offerings as of late?  They have some incredible lines from Michael Graves, Jonathan Adler, Martha Stewart, and Terence Conran, to name just a few.  In my opinion, their prices are waaaay too high for the average JCPenney shopper, but this lamp was on sale for $110, and then they were offering 20% off of that, so I got it for a cool $88 with free shipping.  Not bad at all.  And I think I scooped up one of the last ones, since it's no longer on their site.  Score for me!

Now, some product info.  I wanted the office to be a space where I could really work - I have a work office and a home office, but when I'm at home, I often find myself working in my bed, at the dining room table - anywhere BUT the room I designated as my office, really, since my old office chair was uncomfortable and the space wasn't functional.  So I wanted a room I could go into and want to spend time in.  I not only wanted a nice office chair; I also wanted a cushy chair or loveseat I could lounge in to do some of my reading for work.  The room isn't huge, though, and so I had to find something 54" long or shorter.  And wouldn't you know it, I found this gray tufted loveseat on target.com for a cool $360 (+ 5% off and free shipping with my Target credit card) - and it's exactly 54" long.  Like it was meant for the room!

I was trying not to buy too much new stuff for the room if I didn't have to, so I recycled some pillows that I had used elsewhere in the house previously.  The blue pillows I made myself, and used to have them on my living room sofa; the leopard pillow is from West Elm, and the pink throw is old.  I plan to paint that little accordion table glossy black once I get my new lamp - can't believe I'm typing this, but I think there may be TOO much brass in that corner.  Again, the floor lamp I'm waiting on is going to replace that brass one you see standing above.  The white mirror is new, and from Home Goods.  I love that store.

The rug is beautiful, and from esalerugs.com.  I had originally purchased it for my master bedroom, but then felt that it was too small, and lucky for me, it fits in the office perfectly.  The gold pouf is old - used to be in my living room and is from the (now defunct?) Nate Berkus line on hsn.com.

The office chair is from overstock.com, and used to look like this:

Of course, knowing my penchant for brass, I spray painted the base, and I like how it turned out kind of matte goldy-brass.  I put a sheepskin on the chair because I thought the grey of the chair might clash with the similar-but-not-quite-the-same grey of the loveseat, so I wanted to distract from that a little.

I also bought this little footstool for $29.99 at Home Goods so that I had a place to rest my feet while I work.  Adorable: 

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I got this little side cabinet on craigslist and just love how unique it is.  It's a cream lacquer, with lucite drawer handles and cool brass hardware on the doors.  Chinoiserie at its best!

And I think that's about it!   I was able to finish the office on the cheap - relatively - and love having such a nice room to work in.  I'll post an update once I get my JCPenney lamp!  

Last but not least: Kevin likes hanging out in here with me, too - the most important detail of all...!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

office progress

Making progress on the home office.  Got a new toy (big beautiful glossy Apple monitor) yesterday and am waiting for a loveseat to be delivered this weekend, which I plan to place opposite my work desk and computer.  Here are a few shots of the space in progress.  Apologies that they're a bit dark...with the windows open, they're backlit and I can't seem to get them much lighter on my camera.  The first shot was taken with my new iPhone, which has a cool panorama option on the camera - kind of dorky looking, but it's actually the brightest shot out of all that I took and gives you an idea of what's going on in this half of the room:

...plus, you get to see Mr. Kevin there in the foreground.  

But I really dislike how panoramic images distort the dimensions of the space.  Plus, there's so much backlighting behind the desk that you can barely make out the back of the room.  So here are some other shots - not the greatest, but they show what's happening in progress.  Hopefully the big reveal can come next week!

Got this little cabinet on craigslist and it's the PERFECT size for the room and my printer and stuff.  Love that it has two little drawers, too, for supplies.

Pretty vignette.  The blue lamps are from Target.

I DIY'ed this wall art myself!  Tutorial to come.

And, to whet your appetite further, here's a little sneak peek from my master bedroom dresser.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a post on that room done in the next week or two!