Sunday, March 30, 2014

cheap bathroom fix up

OK, now I'm on a roll. Two posts in two days!  Hopefully I can keep up some semblance of regularity from here on out.  Again, the following pictures were taken long ago, but I never got a chance to post them.  When I bought my house, the upstairs guest bathroom and basement bathroom both had the ugliest beige tile, with a heinous floral-relief trim in the shower.  I was able to get the upstairs bathroom re-tiled and paid to have the shower surround re-glazed in white, but the downstairs basement still has the same ugly stuff (just to update, by the way, that upstairs bathroom, which previously had lavender walls, has since been painted a dark gray-green.  Hopefully I can do an update post on that soon).  Since I never have real money to do real renovations, I decided to make the most of what I had in the basement and use paint and some decorations to make it work.  In truth, the most offensive part of all was the trim in the shower, which I was unable to hide in the upstairs bathroom because of the glass shower door there.  In the basement, a shower curtain keeps the ugliness at bay, so all we have to contend with are the floor tiles which, when all is said and done, are tolerable (I've definitely seen worse).  

So, to begin, here are some shots of the tile and overall situation before:

Yes, ugly beige trim and tiles, yes ugly flat white walls, and yes, reddish-brown cabinetry and granite countertop (which, while not my style, are both high quality, and I have come to learn to *like* them in my house).

So I made the most with what I had.  Painted the walls a very warm gray (which has some plum and brown undertones to it; actually wish it was a little cooler in tone, but once I finished, there was no way I was changing up the color), added a cool vintage rug I got on eBay, and some decorations and mirrors and the like.  Here's the finished product!

Of course, my dream bathroom continues to be a white one with carrara marble and either burnished brass or shiny chrome fixtures, but I realize that's a pricey dream that I may not see fulfilled for years to come.  Besides, there are other projects in this house, that, should I ever have the dough, I'd much rather see completed (french doors leading out to my back deck, anyone?!).  My philosophy is, it can actually be a lot more fun - from a creative standpoint - to come up with solutions for ugly spaces and to incorporate current materials/finishes to make something that is, in the end, pretty and nice to look at.  It's easy to plunk down a chunk of change on beautiful finishes and fixtures, but the end project is - at least for me - a lot more satisfying when you've had to take someone else's trash and turn it into your own treasure.  

Hopefully it won't be an aeon before I post again!  Thanks for reading!

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