Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ottoman makeover

OK, let's see if I can keep up this trend of posting a little more regularly.  Famous last words, right?  One of my recent DIY projects is below: recovering an old ottoman purchased on eBay for the sweet tune of $25.  In looking for cool and interesting pieces for my living room, I stumbled across this bad boy:

The steer horn legs were bad ass, but the pink crap fabric just had to go.  

I was in Fishman's Fabrics (Chicago) getting some linen for slipcovers (captured here in the shockingly bad photography of my last post), and stumbled across a pile of leather remnants.  Even though leather is kind of tricky to work with, and I have zero upholstery experience (with the exception of recovering dining room chairs, which is easy as hell), I decided anything was better than that dingy cotton candy pink velour.  So I picked up a remnant for $15 and went to town!

But first, I totally dismantled the ottoman.  Wasn't my intention, but once I got started, I couldn't stop. This thing was old as hell and there were about 50,000 staples in it.  I was positive I was going to get tetanus ripping them all out.

The end product was...okay.  In the weeks between finishing this project and writing this post, I dropped my iPhone (duh) and had to get a new one, meaning several of my pictures are still floating somewhere in cyberspace.  So I don't have tons of photos to show you the finished product, but here it is, from a distance:

An improvement, yes, but still kinda meh.  It still needed a little pizzazz, so I went to my failsafe: a sheepskin.  Drop one of those on there, and, ta da!  Suddenly I'm serving up some fabulous Scandinavian realness (the Instagram filter also helps).

Not a bad look for 40 bucks!  I felt extra proud when I was at Jayson Home and Garden and saw the Francisco stool for $175. 

 A slightly different look, but still, same idea.  DIY, baby!!!

Last but not least, and because it's been a while since I posted a picture of the dude, allow me to share this gem with you.  How do I ever manage to leave the house when he's giving me 100% guilt trip with those sweet little eyes?!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

living room sneakie peekie

It's been forever since I've posted here, and so for anyone who reads this blog with any regularity, I'm sorry for that.  I keep wanting to write with more frequency, but my real job has kept me extraordinarily busy this summer.  This morning I had a few moments to take a couple of (crap) pictures of my living room, which has undergone a few changes recently, and I wanted to share them here.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to post some more of the entire room.  As always, I apologize for the photos being too dark, shitty, and overall aesthetically unpleasant.  I have no idea how to take a good picture, but hopefully you can get a good idea of what's going on in here.  New chairs + slipcovers + pillows to start, and I have a few other DIY things in here that I'll (hopefully) blog about soon.   I also have a bunch of DIY projects that I want to get busy on in other spots in my house, but alas, no time.  There's never any time!  (quick Saved By the Bell reference - I've recently become addicted to April Richardson's "Go Bayside!" podcast.  She's genius and you should totally check it out if you grew up in the '80s/'90s.)