Wednesday, November 5, 2014

happy anniversary, little house

I bought and moved into my little house two years ago this Halloween, and it occurred to me this morning that I don't think I've ever posted an exterior photo of it.  If I have, I certainly haven't posted one since I've moved in.  So here it is, in all its glory a few months ago, when everything was in bloom for the summer.  I love the snug and cottage-y feel of my house, though if I really had my druthers, I'd paint it a nice shade of gray with a bright colored door.  Alas, put that on the list of fun future projects for whenever I hit the jackpot.   

One of my favorite parts of the house - which you can't see very well in the picture above - is the vintage door knocker I found on Etsy about half a year ago.  I love horses and horseshoes and finding one that wishes all my guests "Good Luck" when they arrive and leave seemed like the perfect touch.  

Happy Anniversary, my cute little cottage house! 

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  1. I love this house (and the kooky old lady who lives in it.)