Sunday, November 2, 2014

little changes make a big difference

After purchasing the Souk Rug from West Elm in gray (which you can see in this post), I though all my problems would be solved.   The rug was dark, so dirt from Kevin's paws wouldn't show up, and it was a shag rug, so Kev could "dig" at it - which he's started to do lately - without destroying the pile too much.  But over the time, the color - when combined with my dark gray walls and curtains - proved to be too drab, and the whole room seemed a bit oppressive, heavy, and lifeless.   So the much beloved IKEA Stockholm striped rug came to the rescue!   I actually owned this rug several years ago in my old condo, but then sold it on Craigslist when the white stripes started to get too dingy from Kevin's paws.  Hopefully I can do a better job of keeping it clean this time.  Plus, at $299 for an 8' x 11', it's a total steal. 

Anyway, I LOVE the room with the rug now.  It adds so much life - in the way that only a good stripe can do - and really brings together the living room with the striped bathroom.  I'm so happy with the decision, and every time I come downstairs, I feel so happy to look at the pretty space!  Here are some pics:

I'm also really loving the two lamps behind the couch: they were a Home Goods find a few months ago, and originally came with Edison bulbs, but since I have so many of those in my house already, I replaced them with these sweet gold tipped bulbs that I found on Amazon. I love the look:

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!!!!!

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