Friday, June 12, 2015

sneak peek - stenciled hallway

It's gray and cold outside in this unseasonably cold Chicago summer, so here are two pretty pictures making me happy today.  I wrapped this pretty birthday present this morning and couldn't resist taking a picture.  And here's a sneak peek of my upstairs hallway, which was ugly and boring with drab white walls and builder grade lighting before, but now looks fun with my little makeover: I stenciled the walls and hung that pendant light myself!  Which was in and of itself a massive achievement for me - have always wanted to know how to hang light fixtures on my own and finally figured it out with the help of some friends' coaching and a couple YouTube videos.

Before and after of the hallway to come soon!  Have to wait for the sun to come out again (who knows when that'll be?!) so that I can get a better shot than the dark grainy one below.

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