Sunday, January 10, 2016

new basement carpet sneak peek

Hi there!

My resolution for 2016 is to stop apologizing unnecessarily for things that don't warrant an apology, so I will *not* apologize for my total lack of posts in the past year or so, even though, yes, I do feel kinda bad about it.  I can't promise that things will necessarily be better from here on out, but I did want to post a little sneak peek of my basement, which got new carpeting recently.  The old carpet was a really cheap berber that was totally stained, had thin padding underneath, kind of had a funky smell to it, etc.  It was getting to the point that I didn't want to walk on it with bare feet. 

Man, what a difference a little carpeting makes!  I took this picture the other night of the basement so far, but there are still a few additional changes I want to make; this is indeed just a sneak peek.  I bought some replacement legs for my sofa (IKEA Kivik) but have to drill mounting plates into the frame, so that will take a while to do, and I also have a few other projects for the opposite side of the room.  So when it's done, I'll put up an additional post, but for now, behold the power of new, clean carpeting!!!  It's a pleasure to spend time in this room now.

Before (depressing chamber of dread):

After (totally inviting and cozy, albeit shite picture quality):

 Happy 2016!

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